Create Professional Coloring Pages For Adults & Children In Seconds With Our MidJourney Speed & Refinement Automation Training 

Create Pro-Quality Coloring Pages in Seconds with

Midjourney Speed & Refinement Training!

Example Picture Made For Children With Our Training.

Example Picture Made For Adults With Our Training.

You Will Be Given Access To:

  • Easy To Follow Video Training Course

  • Quick Start Pdf Checklists

  • 2 Quick Start Tips That Will Inject Pure Speed & Quality Into Your Creations

  • Ability To Use Techniques Manually

  • Quick Start Prompt Tips To Get Better More Targeted Images Manually

  • 3 Secret Niches Revealed & How We Found Them

  • Manually Speed Up & Refine Picture Creation

  • Ability To Use Techniques With Our Newly Built Automation Suite

  • How To Increase Your Book Buyers List

  • How To Increase Profits On The Backend

  • How To Stockpile Huge Amounts Of Book Reviews

  • Dual Vertical Niche Strategy Revealed



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Dear Fellow Creator,

If you've ever struggled with slow, inaccurate, or inefficient coloring page creation, you're in the right place. I'm excited to introduce "Midjourney Millions," a step-by-step training course designed to supercharge your coloring page creation, publishing, and profit-making process!

What Makes Midjourney Millions Different?

Midjourney Millions is more than just a course; it's your guide to an entirely new, optimized, and profitable way of creating coloring pages. We're not just talking about speeding things up; we're talking about a comprehensive approach that:

1) Speeds Up MidJourney Coloring Page Creation:
Gone are the days of waiting and wondering. Create pages in seconds, not minutes!

2) Ensures Accuracy to Your Prompts:
No more wild variations; what you ask is what you get, down to the smallest detail.

3) Facilitates Bulk Creation:

Targeted, fine-tuned, niche-specific prompts created and run in bulk.

4) Automates Processes:

Automatic bulk upscale, download, and a lot more – efficiency redefined!

5) Publishes Ready-to-Go Coloring Books:

From individual pages to ready-to-publish books in just 2 minutes. Yes, you read that right!

Unlock Parental Peace Amid Chaos: A New Solution for Stressed Parents to Engage Their Children and Rediscover Personal Relaxation and Joy.

Discover the Unbelievable Potential of MidJourney Millions:

✅ Get 120 Images Created and Downloaded in a few minutes. You're not dreaming; it's the incredible reality with MidJourney Millions.

✅ Assemble Entire Coloring Books in 2-3 Minutes:

Ready for publishing, tailored to your niche, and without the usual hassle.

✅ Detailed Training Included:

Easy-to-follow guides, comprehensive tutorials, and secret insights to master the MidJourney platform like a pro.

See Coloring Page Examples Created With Our New Automations & Speed Refinement Techniques:

You Can Click Them With Your Right Mouse Button, And Choose To "Open Image In New Tab" To See The Coloring Pages Larger.

Adult Coloring Book Pages:

For Children's Coloring Books:

INTRODUCING: Midjourney Millions – Transform Your Coloring Book Dreams into Reality in Minutes!


Why Midjourney Millions is a Must-Have for Every Coloring Book Creator:

🚀 Time-Saving Like Never Before:

Create, download, and publish in record time.

🚀 Precision & Accuracy:

No more odd variations – get exactly what you envisioned.

🚀 Automation at Its Best:

From bulk creation for PLR to publishing Books, automate like a pro.

🚀 Endless Possibilities:

Unlimited niches, unlimited creations, unlimited profits.

Join the Revolution Today and Elevate Your Coloring Book Game!

With Midjourney Millions, I’m handing over a streamlined path to success. I’ve crafted this system based on real experience, precise fine-tuning, and a deep understanding of what creators like you need.

Save Time, Make Money While Making The Coloring Pages People Are Seeking

This Is The Best Training You've Ever Seen To Create Excellent Coloring Pages, Much Faster Than Any Competitor.

And You Can Also Change The Details You Like On Every Prompt
To Create a Lot Of Different Images Based On Your Taste!

You Can Turn Yourself Into a Coloring Books Artist
Without Having To Study Drawing Or Art.

Who Am I?

My name is Daniel Martin the "PASSIVECASHSTACKER" on Youtube, I’m from South Texas, and I’ve been doing internet marketer since 2010. After the 2020 Pandemic, I have gone full time online, after my handyman business got decimated overnight: since you can't go into peoples houses in the middle of a Pandemic.

Now I spend my days finding interesting ways to build up the passive income snowball each month. This allows me to spend more time with my family, travel and look after my son with high functioning autism.

Coloring books and publishing give me another way to connect with my son, and help others have fun along the way.

I have published several regular books, Created Youtube Ranking & Marketing Courses & I have personally created several softwares to solve problems that I find while trying to run my online business.

Constantly Learning, Solving problems and helping people, bring me great joy. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope I have created a solution that will save you time in your journey of Coloring Book Creation or Coloring Page PLR.

Wait! Make Sure To Grab Some Amazing Bonuses When You Get Midjourney Millions Training

High Priority Support

By Email

You get priority access to my email to any additional support or help whenever you need it.

Bulk Page Assembly Masterclass:

Learn how to assemble multiple pages into books within seconds!


Master Guide:

Ensure your prompts produce precisely what you want with our in-depth guide.

Access to the PASSIVECASHSTACKER Community:

Join our thriving community of creators who are leveraging MidJourney like never before.

Invest in Midjourney Millions & Make Coloring Pages Creation a Breeze!


Your investment today is protected by our…

Risk-Free Purchase with Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in Midjourney Millions so strongly that we're offering a 100% risk-free purchase. If you don't find our course transformational, just contact us within 14 days for a prompt and full refund.

So All You Need To Do ToGet Your Hands On "Midjourney Millions" Training Course
Is Just A Small One-Time Investment!

With a guarantee and a price like this, we have done everything in our power to get this awesome training into your hands!

Simply click the order button below and you will be taken directly to the order form where you can enter your payment information and check out.

Once you’ve completed checkout you will be given instant digital access to your Video Training Course, Pdf Quick Start Guides and Bonuses that I created for you!

But please DO NOT hesitate on this… we cannot guarantee that the price will remain at this level for much longer.

Also, Are you tired of plunging into the relentless stress and frustration of creating images that seem doomed to go unnoticed and unappreciated, with no end to the struggle in sight?
Here’s your lucky break to enter into a proven industry with an awesome little-known technique that gives YOU an overwhelming advantage over everyone else who is still creating coloring books the old fashioned way.
Act fast and you can stack the Passive Streams for your Future!

Which Rights Do You Have On The Images You Create?

Our Training is not to be sold but you have all the rights on the images you create.
You can sell them, give them away for free, use them for PLR or in any way you desire.

Which Rights Do You Have On The Images You Create?

Our Training is not to be sold but you have all the rights on the images you create.You can sell them, give them away for free, use them for PLR or in any way you desire.

Do I Need a Paid Midjourney Account To Use This Training?

Yes, The title includes Midjourney because it is required for this strategy. The minimum requirement is the Basic Plan, but that is limited to 200 Generations per month, we use and recommend the Standard Plan Unlimited Relaxed Generations & 15 Hours Fast Generations.

Can I Use Your Strategies To Manually Create Prompts & Coloring Pages?

Yes, A big part of the training is how to use the strategies and prompt styles , to speed up your creations, get your creations closer to what you are seeking in outputs and how to build your prompts with a basic structure to give better results. Automation saves time and speeds up the process substantially! I'll never go back to manual.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing

your MidJourney Millions success story!

Daniel Martin the PASSIVECASHSTACKER Awaits You Inside Midjourney Millions!

Thank you for considering this revolutionary approach to coloring book creation. I look forward to helping you achieve long-lasting success.

To your creativity,


P.S. Hurry, the special launch pricing won’t last forever! Unleash the full potential of MidJourney today and transform the way you create and publish coloring books.

P.P.S. With our 14-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make the decision that could change your coloring book business forever. Join us now!




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